12" Personal Pizza
12" Vegetable Pie
12" Meats Only Pie
12" Brooklyn Special Pie
12" Calzone Pie
12" Margherita Pie
12" Fresh Mozarella Pie
18" Pie (8 slices)
thin crust with homemade pizza
sauce & mozarella cheese
18" Vegetable Pie
our regular pie topped with mushrooms,
onions, black olives and bell peppers
18" Meats-Only Pie
our regular pie topped with pepproni,
Italian sausage, homemade sliced meat-balls, ham and Canadian bacon
18" Brooklyn Special Pie
create your own by choosing up to
7 of our original toppings
18" Calzone Pie (8 slices)
thin crust with creamy ricotta cheese
& mozzarella cheese
18" Fresh Mozzarella Pie
with plum tomato & basil
18" Margherita Pie
homemade fresh mozzarella cheese,
fresh sliced tomato and basil
12 Slice Sicilian Pie
thick crust with homemade pizza sauce
& mozzarella cheese
6 Slice Grandma Sicilian Pie
12 Slice Grandma Sicilian Pie
homemade fresh mozzarella with plum
tomato & basil
6 Slice Sicilian Special Pie
12 Slice Sicilian Special Pie
original toppings
Sicilian Topping
Garlic Knots
Pepperoni Pinwheel
pepproni and mozzarella rolled and baked in our pizza dough
Jumbo Chicken Wings (plain)
Jumbo Hot Wings
BBQ Chicken Wings
Teriyaki Wings
Buffalo Chicken
grilled chicken breast with
buffalo sauce
Chicken Cutlet w/Sauce
fried chicken breast with
tomato sauce
Chicken Cutlet
w/lettuce, tomato, ranch
Chicken Parmigiana
fried chicken breast with tomato
sauce and melted mozzarella cheese
fried eggplant slices and tomato sauce
Eggplant Parmigiana
with melted mozzarella cheese
Sausage and Peppers
italian sausage, sauteed bell peppers with a light coating of tomato sauce
Sausage & Peppers Parmigiana
with melted mozzarella cheese
homemade meatballs and tomato sauce
Meatball Parmigiana
with melted mozzarella cheese
Focaccia Sandwich
homemade focaccia bread, grilled
chicken, sauteed spinach, fresh mozzarella,
roasted red pepper and basil
Extra Cheese Add
iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, radishes and bell peppers
romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese & caesar dressing
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Spinach
thinly sliced mozzzarella and tomato served on a bed of spinach with red onion, balsamic vinaigrette
Antipasto Salad
mixed green salad with fresh tomato, cucumber, ham, salami, pepperoni, swiss, provolone cheese, pepperoncini peppers and black olives
Dressing Available:
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Creamy Italian, Italian, Fat Free Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette or Oil & Vinegar
Add Grilled Chicken to any Salad
Each additional dressing
Pizza by the Slice
Slice Topping
Calzone (made to order)
baked or fried with ricotta & mozzarella cheese
Each Topping
ham, salami, swiss, provolone, mozzarella and pepperoni
Steak Stromboli
grilled chopped steak with peppers, onions, swiss and mozzarella cheese
Make your own 5 Topping Stromboli
choose from our original and specially toppings
Each Additional Topping
florets of broccoli sauteed in garnic and mozzarella cheese
fresh spinach leaves sauteed in garnic and mozzarella cheese
grilled, marinated chicken, fresh tomatoes and mozzaarella cheese
Chicken & Broccoli
grilled marinated chicken, sauteed broccoli and mozzarella cheese
sausage and peppers with a light coating of onion
Each Roll, Calzone or Stromboli includes 1 order of our homemade sauce
Each additional sauce
2 Cheese Slices & 20oz drink
1 Cheese Slice & choice of stuffed roll & 20oz drink
12" Cheese pizza & 20oz drink
20 oz
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke, Ginger Ale, Sundrop, Diet Sundrop
2 liter
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Sundrop